Most of the time, when my clients reach out to me, they come to me with a vision and it’s my job to make that vision into a reality. Each project that I work on is unique to my client’s needs, and I always learn something new from every experience. Below are a few of my most recent projects that made excellent case studies, demonstrating how a few ideas evolved into successful business models that allowed these individuals to follow their passion!

Stacy “Bama” Burr

Back in 2017, Stacy Burr just quit her full-time job at Frito Lay. She knew she wanted to make coaching athletes her lifestyle. With her social media following growing, it wasn’t uncommon for new prospects to DM her to inquire about training or purchasing a T-shirt for her training company, Bama Brick Squad.

However, the increasing volume of inquiries became harder to manage and that’s where I come in.

I worked very closely with Stacy to create a space online not just for her to advertise her training services, but I also created an e-commerce store for her to sell her merchandise. When the site first launched, I distinctly remember getting a heartfelt message from Stacy stating that in one day of launching her store she made her paycheck from Frito Lay.

Since then, I have continued to work closely with Stacy on creating legendary designs for her apparel line, as well as creating her branding for her upcoming Champion Mindset line.

It has been incredible to be a part of this journey and watch Stacy’s online business grow and witnessing her apparel selling out within hours!

“Working with Ana has been nothing short of life changing for me.

I remember after she set up my online store- the first product we released sold $400 worth in a matter of hours, that just so happened to be about my weekly paycheck for my previous physical labor job.
It was crazy for me to think about.
After 2 years working with Ana and having her manage the site, provide updates and keep a rolling platform- my sales this year are projected to be over $100,000, which is a milestone that I never thought would be attainable.
Ana not only built a website for me, but she saw my dream and vision and helped me make it a reality. Together we have created endless opportunities and the future is bright!
Without her web site design and not to mention the graphic design for 90% of my shirts and apparel- I wouldn’t have been able to keep up with the demand of the people and continue to grow my brand.
If you’re serious about building a company, growing a brand or have a vision, contact Ana Perez and she will make it come to life.”

Chakera “C.C.” Ingram

C.C. has been competing and coaching athletes for several years, and has recently become a meet director/organizer for Powerlifting competitions. When C.C. approached me, she was in need of my services to make her job easier and establish her branding.

During the initial planning stages, I knew she needed the basics: a logo, a website, and content. I get my inspiration for design when I begin to understand the WHY. Once I understood C.C.’s purpose and her mission, I was inspired to make her epic logo design of her signature “neck slap”. Everyone knows what time it is when they see that, and her branding is no exception!

After launching her website,, that opened doors for other projects including creating promotional/marketing material for upcoming Powerlifting competitions and seminars.

Amanda “Haparican” Kohatsu

One of the most exciting projects was by far creating a website and e-commerce store for Amanda.

Amanda came to me with several pieces to this puzzle, and after a few brainstorming sessions, we went to the drawing board and everything came together!

Amanda is an athlete, a strength and conditioning coach and an influencer. Her massive social media following serves as a great platform for her to reach her audience. She does a great job with her branding, but the increasing demands for her coaching services and apparel line created the need for a website and a long anticipated re-launch of her apparel line.

We worked closely together with her sponsor to ensure we addressed every detail on the e-commerce platform prior to launching Within 45 minutes of launching, Amanda’s merchandise was sold out!

Ana created my website and online store for my coaching business and clothing line.  Not only was the work done that I needed, but she walked me through the process and helped me understand how to maintain my site and helped me make the most cost efficient choices for my small business!  I would absolutely recommend her services to anyone and I know I will be a returning client!